Sunday, January 31, 2010

DigiLanguage: Using the Web

I wrote around New Year's Day on different dictionaries that I use to study East Asian Languages. The New York Times published a cool article that highlights some paid and free options to learn all sorts of languages. The BBC language site is very fun (I use it to study Polish), but here are some sites that you can use to hone your Korean, Japanese or Chinese language skills.

KBS World created this a while ago. I read and listened through the dialogues - I think this would be a great supplement to anyone studying anywhere from beginning to intermediate Korean at Yale.

Chinese Pod is great in that once you can listen and understand some of the intermediate-advanced recordings, the creators consciously select the latest vocabulary used in China and choose topics that are of immediate interest to its students. Unfortunately, it's a paid service. If you have an iTouch, you can download its recordings for a low cost.

I haven't tried this site out, but according to its homepage, all of its material is free. I'll test it over the next few days.

Happy studying.

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Media Mentions said...

This is such a cool thing! I just might give it a shot!


jglc said... all the way, all the day, baby.

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