Friday, August 15, 2008

Concerto: Basan Part 1

My travel itinerary is complete. Unfortunately, I have not reviewed my Chinese textbooks for the final. I’ve been passively listened to the text recordings while perusing my Lonely Planet guide – anyways, language can’t be crammed, so what’s the point of glancing through thousands of words to stuff into my short-term memory? My ideal plan is explore Sichuan province and then travel through Tibet. However, my Chengdu travel guide is arguing that I cannot be granted a travel permit into Tibet using my permanent residence permit. In case I cannot go to Tibet, I will travel south to Yunnan province, but I sincerely hope that I can get in. My hiking bag is half-packed – I’m still debating whether to take two or three pairs of boxers.

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1 Comment:

Lucky said...

Upon seeing your last sentence, I wonder how long your trip lasted.

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